With the record amount of moisture in the Billings area this year, it’s hard to believe we are writing about fires and prevention.

Here are a few tips that may help protect you and your family during this year’s wildfire season.


Within 30 feet of your home:

  • Remove all branches on the ground and clear any that overhang your roof
  • Clean up needles, leaves and other debris from roof and gutters regularly
  • Remove down or unhealthy vegetation such as dry grass, brush, trees, and dead leaves
  • Opt for non-flammable decor, such as gravel as opposed to wood chips
  • Place conncected garden hoses at all sides of home for emergency use
  • Clear a 10 foot area around propane tanks and grills
  • Take pictures or videos of your personal belongings and email the photos to yourself

Create an Emergency Plan:

  • Prepare your emergency kit and shar the plan of evacuation with your family

During a Wildfire

Prepare to evacuate:

  • Move your furniture to the center of rooms and take down any drapes or curtains to prevent combustion
  • Close all the windows and doors to prevent drafts and reduce heat
  • Shut off your natural gas at its source
  • Turn on all lights in and around your property so firefighters can more easily see it through the smoke

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