Swerve or not swerve? That is the question.

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Swerve or not swerve?

No doubt, most of us have experience the crazed squirrel risking life and limb to cross the road right in front of our car as we’re traveling down the road. When you only have a split second to react, what do you do?

Scenarios like this happen every day and our instincts take over. Whether it’s an animal or a piece of debris laying in the road, most of us will likely swerve to avoid hitting it. Is swerving to avoid obstacles really the safest decision?  The answer may surprise you.

Swerving to avoid harm to an animal and your vehicle may seem like a good option. Consequently, it can lead you into the path of more dangerous obstacles or oncoming traffic.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2016 more than 20 percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths happened because of “fixed-object crashes” – when a vehicle collides into a stationary object like a tree or utility pole. The number of deaths caused by hitting an animal is much smaller.

Damage to your car and an animal, no matter how small, can be upsetting to say the least. The best way to avoid a collision is to use defensive driving skills.

  • Keep a safe distance. Keeping plenty of room between you and the other drivers that share the road will help give you plenty of room to stop if they slam on their brakes.
  • Pay attention. Stay focused and keep your eyes and attention on the road ahead of you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Whether you’re in the suburbs on a quiet residential street or on the interstate traveling a great distance, there will always be unexpected surprises.

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