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This is an EDUCATIONAL video, not a sales presentation. Specific carriers, plans or price will not be discussed.

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Do your employees need Medicare in Montana when they turn 65?

This is an important question you may face one day as a small business owner. Knowing if your Medicare eligible employees need to enroll with Original Medicare when they turn 65 can save them costly late enrollment penalties.

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Do you have “active Employees’ over the age of 65 in montana?

Helping your employees in who are nearing age 65 understand Medicare and their options doesn’t have to be difficult. The size of the employer determines if a person turning 65 will be able to delay Medicare Part A and Part B enrollment without having to pay a penalty if they choose to enroll later in their life. 

Employers with 20 or more full time “active employees” on their group health plan are required by law to offer the same benefits to younger and older employees and their spouses. Active employees and their spouse can delay Medicare enrollment until the employment ends without incurring a late enrollment penalty. 

Employees cannot delay Medicare enrollment if they are not “active” and coverage comes from retiree benefits or CORBRA. This situation does not count as “active employment”.

Employers with less than 20 full time “active employees” must know if their group health plan is defined as “Creditable Coverage” by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). If it is not, the employee and their spouse should sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B when they are first eligible. 

For more information about Original Medicare or questions about Medicare options, please call our local Billings office at 406-252-3411

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Learn More about Original Medicare Options

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