Medicare 101 Workshop on Saturday

Medicare 101 Workshop

Is now the right time for you to enroll in Medicare?

If you are approaching 65 or have questions in regards to Medicare enrollment, we can help. Medicare does not have to be complicated; our team is highly trained to simplify the process and provide you comprehensive solutions. 

Medicare planning is one of the most important choices you will make. Our approach is individualized and focuses on what fits your situation. Situations also change, which makes our services even more valuable. Annual reviews are an important piece of Medicare planning and our office provides customer service and annual reviews, all free of charge!


Are you nearing age 65, ready to retire and enroll in Medicare?

3 months before you turn 65, research your Medicare options and register for both Medicare Part A and Part B one of the following ways:


Roger L. Daniel Insurance Medicare Team

After you have registered for Medicare Part a and part b
Contact a local and licensed team member to purchase a medicare supplement, prescription drug or Medicare advantage plan.

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Are you nearing age 65 and going to continue to work?
Most americans should enroll in medicare part a when they are first eligible at age 65, but you may be able to delay part b.

The size of your employer will determine if you can delay Medicare Part B enrollment and not have to face a late enrollment penalty later. 

If there are 20 or more employees in the company:

  • Check to make sure you have group health plan coverage (as defined by the IRS). Your employer’s benefits manager is a great place to start! 
  • Compare Medicare’s coverage with your employer’s plan benefits. 

You may be able to delay Part B enrollment with Medicare!

Follow the link below to for more information.

Go to

If there are 20 or less employees in the company:

You should sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B when you are first eligible one of the following ways: 

After you have enrolled in Medicare Part A and B, contact a Medicare Team member to purchase a Medicare Supplement, Prescription Drug (PDP) or Medicare Advantage Plan.

Contact a Team member
Are you over age 65 and ready to retire now?

3 months before you are ready to retire, enroll into Medicare Part A (if you did not at age 65) and Part B.

You can do so one of the following ways:


You will need these forms.

Submit them to your Social Security Office.

Roger L. Daniel Insurance Medicare Team

After you register for Medicare Part A and B

Contact a Medicare Team Specialist to review and purchase a Medicare Supplement, Prescriptions Drug or Medicare Advantage Plan

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Register now for Saturday's Online Medicare 101 Workshop. Saturday Workshops start at 10:00 am.