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Ground Water Could Sink Your Investment

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Will flood insurance cover your basement if ground water enters your home? After a record breaking snowfall year, Roger L. Daniel Insurance is advising clients to be mindful of water around their home this spring. As we write this post Billings, MT just broke an all-time record for snowfall. If the moisture continues, many in our […]

Ground Water in Your Basement

Ground water presents a serious issue for homeowners insurance coverage. When the water table rises after an abundance of moisture, many people find ground water leaking into their basement. Homeowners insurance typically excludes ground water; one option for coverage is to research the National Flood Insurance program.   There are definitions and exclusions in homeonwers insurance […]

Fire Up the Grill—Not Your Home!

A Personal Insurance and Safety Update In 2016, 17,200 people went to emergency rooms because of barbeque related accidents. Sixteen percent of home structure fires involving a grill were caused during ignition because something flammable was too close to the grill. Twenty percent of all reported grill fires were a result of leaks or breaks. […]

Update Your Home and Business Insurance To 3.0

An Insurance Update Advancement in technology minimizes your risk and lowers your cost of insurance. Your personal insurance is part of a new wave of technology that is taking the country by storm. The insurance industry calls this the “Internet of Things” (loT). There are many good articles relating to this issue and we have […]

Flood Season Is Here…Are You Covered?

A Flood Insurance Update Winter will soon be over, and the arrival of spring rain can lead to major flooding.  In the past 5 years, all 50 states have experienced floods or flash floods.  Flood insurance cannot be purchased during a flood.  There is a 30 day waiting period once the application is processed. Therefore, […]

Make This Fall Season A Treat Not A Trick

We are heading into the holiday season and that means a new set of concerns for homeowners. First there are weather related concerns and then comes Halloween. Did you know that the insurance industry can tell you what the most common claims are for each month? Insurance companies keep very accurate and detailed records of […]

Five Mistakes People Make When Buying Homeowner’s Insurance

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Buying Homeowner’s Insurance With all the options you have these days buying the right kind of homeowner’s insurance can be confusing. Some advertisements want us to believe that purchasing homeowner’s insurance should only take 7 minutes! Making purchases too quickly can cause mistakes. Taking time to consider your options can save you money and future […]

What Do Jewelry, A Dog Bite & A Hotel Room Have In Common?

One of the many advantages of using an insurance agent is that we understand your risks and can design a homeowner’s policy that provides the insurance coverage your family needs. There are many different insurance companies and kinds of coverage from which to select. Call our office to make sure you have these things covered: […]