Health Care Reform
With the Affordable Care Act, most people will be required to have health coverage after January 1, 2014. They’ll have a new way to buy health policies through insurance exchanges.  The employer mandate has been extended to 2014.
Employees will look to their employers for advice and assistance as they navigate the exchanges, so we’re providing you with information about their new options. Exchanges will provide individuals and small business owners with a place to find, compare, and purchase coverage, as well as get financial assistance to afford it.

Here are some questions you may have.

Will I have to give up my current coverage? 
No. When your coverage is renewed, it might contain new benefits required under federal law, but if your plan was already in effect on March 23, 2010, you can keep your current coverage as long as it is offered by your employer.

What about pre-existing conditions? 
You can no longer be refused coverage for pre-existing conditions. There may be more information coming and we will advise you.

Can I maintain my primary care provider?
Yes, as long as they are part of the plan you select.
My child previously aged out of dependent coverage, but is still under 26 years old. Can I put him back on my plan?
Yes, check with your plan to determine the specific process.

Does every employer need to provide coverage?
No, Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, the law requires only employers with 50 or more full time employees to offer “minimum essential coverage. For small employers please consultant with your CPA to see if you qualify for a tax rebate on premiums paid.
As we try to understand and navigate through all this information, it is important to use an independent agent. Here are the benefits of using our firm

  • We don’t charge fees or service changes
  • You will pay same as if going direct to carrier
  • We will compare many insurance options and bring you the best option to you