Are you renting a car this summer?

As summer approaches, many of us will be renting a car as part of our vacation or business travel. It will be important to consider a few items before you decide whether or not to purchase the rental car insurance. If you have any questions about your auto insurance coverage, call our office and we can help you through the process.

Do you have auto insurance now?

In most cases when renting a car, if you have the right personal auto insurance you may have the coverage you need without buying the rental coverage. If you do not have auto insurance, you may want to purchase the rental coverage. Or, if you have personal auto but do not have Comprehensive/Collision coverage, you may want to consider paying for rental car insurance.

Does your credit card provide extra coverage?

Many credit card company offer coverage if you use their card to pay for the car rental. This coverage often applies over any other valid insurance.

Are you traveling on business?

Your employer may provide the coverage if you are traveling on business.

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