Medicare 101 at the elks club Registration

Hosted by the Roger L. Daniel Insurance

Medicare Team

Is now the right time for you to enroll in Medicare?

If you are approaching 65 or have questions in regards to Medicare enrollment, we can help. Medicare does not have to be complicated; our team is highly trained to simplify the process and provide you comprehensive solutions. 

Medicare planning is one of the most important choices you will make. Our approach is individualized and focuses on what fits your situation. Situations also change, which makes our services even more valuable. Annual reviews are an important piece of Medicare planning and our office provides customer service and annual reviews, all free of charge!

Are you 65, ready to retire and enroll into Medicare?
This workshop is for you

Enrollment in Medicare Part A and Part B can be confusing. We can help simplify the process.

Are you nearing age 65 and going to continue to work?
Avoid late Enrollment Penalties

The size of your employer will determine if you can delay Medicare Part B enrollment and not have to face a late enrollment penalty later. Find out why. 

Are you over age 65 and ready to retire now?
You Will Need Some Forms

Have the knowledge and materials you need to make your retirement an easy process.